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“Sweatpants are a sign of defeat." - Karl Lagerfeld (1934 - 2019)

Karl Lagerfeld was the creative director of Chanel and began his long career with the fashion house in 1983, a decade after Coco Chanel died.  Lagerfeld's designs brought new life to the label, adding glitz to the prim tweed suits the couture house was known for.  He was a true star and a best in class designer loved by all.  It’s my passion to breathe life into the real estate industry which had become dull and archaic in it’s systems and process.  Inspired by people like Karl Lagerfeld my team uses passion, experience, hard work, intelligence and a little glitz and glamour to create greatness for our clients and peers. We are looking forward to a strong year as signs that the Federal Reserve may be done with its year long campaign to raise interest rates are sending ripples through fixed-income markets, holding down interest rates for a wide swath of borrowers. Low treasury yields are a boon for stocks because they hold down borrowing costs for companies and push some yield-seeking investors out of government bonds and into other types of assets. They also could provide a lift to the housing market. (WSJ)

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