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"Smell the sea, and feel the sky. Let your soul and spirit fly." —Van Morrison

After the second “Mom…you are such a BOOMER” comment, I decided to figure out what on earth my kids were talking about. Did a little research and discovered that I am officially part of the Gen X generation. For those of you interested, Millennials are ages 24 to 40 – Gen X ages are from 41 to 56 – and Baby “Boomers” are between 57-75 years old. When surveyed by Bankrate the top 3 biggest regrets for each of these generations regarding their home purchase were maintenance costs, size (too small), and location. (CNBC)

All of the price index reports are posting phenomenal gains. CoreLogic says the annual price increase in February was 11.3% and the National Association of Realtors (NAR) puts the 1st quarter single-family gain at 16.2%, the largest since 1989. NAR also provided some local numbers; San Diego; up 14%, Los Angeles-Long Beach; up 15.1%, and Anaheim; up 14.3%. Summer is right around the corner and I am feeling that it's going to be extra FABULOUS! After this past year, I believe we are all going to smell the sea a little sweeter, let our souls and spirits fly a little higher, and appreciate the many gifts we are blessed with every day.

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