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According to Architectural Digest and The National Association of Realtors, millennials now represent about 37 percent of the home-buying public (Nelson, 2019).

Do not underestimate the millennial demographic and the contribution they have to our economy.  The Washington Post recently reported that millennial homeowners have specific, and sometimes uncompromising, preferences when it comes to the homes they buy. Though the degree of importance for each factor varies, the archetypal millennial is looking for an open-floor-plan property with outdoor space and no upgrades required.  It’s critical when selling your home our marketing efforts reach this increasingly important and powerful demographic. 

Our concierge home updating services offer highly strategic tools that capture ALL buyers with ease and success.  Spring is San Diego's peak selling season and our concierge services coupled with unparalleled AI abilities are taking the home buying and selling experience next level.  Please ask me about our white glove concierge services ... the results are truly incredible and I am so excited for 2020!

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