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“Designing my shoes, I'm thinking timeless. Not trendy.”  - Christian Louboutin

I adore following the latest style trends, obsess on fresh new architectural designs, and can’t wait to read my favorite home and fashion magazines each month.  However, if there is one design lesson my Mom always reiterated, it’s that certain styles are timeless.  She’ll say “sprinkle in a little trendy here and there with accessories that are disposable.”

This sentiment has been heightened recently while navigating buyers and sellers these past few months; being more thoughtful now than ever on true quality and unique design.  We continue to see increased demand, rising prices, and multiple offers on most of our listings. 

The mortgage market recorded its best quarter in years this spring, a reflection of how the housing market is booming in 2020 even as much of the economy stumbles. Lenders issued $1.1 trillion in home loans between April and June. (WSJ)  

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