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My son turns 16 this week and I can’t believe I have a child old enough to drive a motor vehicle, on his own, without me managing his every move.  It’s something I don’t think any parent is ever fully prepared for, however, I can assure you that Tommy can not wait to get on the road without my instruction and constant commentary in the passenger seat.  It’s feeling like "summer is the new spring" as the real estate market heats up. Tom’s garden is flourishing with his annual crops blooming in our backyard and the statistics for San Diego are showing an incredibly positive upswing in real estate sales as pent-up penchants to transact among both sellers and buyers, low inventory, and historically low mortgage rates foretell a busy summer ahead.  

Please #CareToCelebrate as we continue to support the CRC and give back to the community.  Stay safe, healthy, be kind, and lead with love, integrity and respect. 

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