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“Predicting rain doesn't count. Building arks does.” - Warren Buffett

We are in a time of great transition; professionally, personally, and globally...I see it everywhere I go and with all those I see. October has arrived and this year's autumn season is highlighted not only by pumpkin-inspired food and drinks, however, a transition in the financial and real estate markets as well.

How do we start building the arks that will deliver success as we move forward into 2022 with the hint of mortgage rates increasing and inflation concerns swirling?

The consensus among the industry’s forecast models is that we’re headed for slower, albeit still positive, growth.

The weakest projection comes from real estate research firm CoreLogic, which is forecasting just a 2.7% appreciation in the coming 12 months. John Burns Real Estate Consulting and Freddie Mac—which do calendar year forecasts—project home price growth of 4% and 5.3%, respectively, in 2022. Current annual home price growth was the most that we have ever seen in the 45-year history of CoreLogic.

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