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“The only real valuable thing is intuition.”  - Albert Einstein

Trends, even those that appear like long term ones, have the ability to reverse course rather quickly.  It is often a major event or invention that can trigger these reversals and the pace at which trends shift has accelerated notably in recent years. 

Sometimes the rhetoric that is fueled by the media, community chatter, or industry publications on the “the hot new paint colors” or “must-have kitchen designs” snowballs and then becomes a trend. For years, people were breaking down walls of homes to emulate large open loft living with very few niches or compartments to have private seating or dining. 

Now, the private and quiet home office has become more important than ever and the formal living rooms that were rarely used are being converted to kids home-schooling areas, home offices, or play-rooms to give families working and schooling from home separate areas for privacy.

It’s interesting to watch trends develop, however, be sure to make decisions based on your needs and personal taste.  Great style is timeless and always follow your intuition when decision making; it will lead you to the right place.

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