01  /  14  /  2022


Elon Musk's hiring philosophy at Tesla is to look beyond MBA graduates. He prefers individuals with a depth of knowledge and understanding of how things work, rather than university degrees. I do hold a degree from a university that I am proud of, however, the grit and work ethic I learned in college far outweighs the academics I absorbed. In real estate, elevated realtors must know how the housing market has evolved and recognize home design flaws far beyond what an algorithm or AI could ever compute. Having skills and experience beyond understanding price/value, market demand, contracts, and negotiation is key and I am finding now more than ever the importance of knowledgable peers who share the same understanding of the market climate and nuances of different areas and estates.


01  /  07  /  2022


Happy 2022 Friends! Tom and I were able to corral our 3 teenagers to hang out with us at home this New Years' Eve with the offerings of fabulous food and an invitation to a couple of friends to join the traditions and fun.  I am cherishing these moments more than ever as the realization of having all 3 of my children in high school means we will soon be empty nesters. On a professional note, the luxury real estate market continues to be exceptionally strong, and Bloomberg recently reported that sales of super-luxury homes in 2021 increased by an incredible 35% year over year. More than 40 residential properties closed above $50 million in the United States, and plenty of those homes traded hands in California.


12  /  17  /  2021


Can you believe that Christmas Eve is in t-minus 7 days and Christmas Day is in 8 days from now? We are in the home stretch and I need to get wrapping all of these boxes surrounding the bottom of my desk! Although this year has felt crazy at times, there are so many things that I am eternally grateful for starting with my family who always encourages me to dream big. From a professional perspective, I am extremely fortunate to be surrounded by an incredible team that guides the mother ship to run so smoothly and to our loyal clients that value how passionate we are about creating smooth and successful closings for their real estate portfolios.