09  /  03  /  2021


Backyard BBQs, long beach days, and family gatherings are sure to be in full swing this Labor Day weekend as we celebrate our constant go-getters and valuable hard-working Americans! This significant day does a lot more than pay tribute to our American achievements. We reflect on our journey and celebrate the contributions of our working nation and the resilience of American workers throughout history. Labor Day stirs up the opportunity for us to think about our dreams and aspirations regarding our future and as we rest and reset for the rest of the year, seek happiness in a job well done, enjoy the final days of summer, and become inspired by what is yet to come!


08  /  20  /  2021


Summer is all about sunshine, tan lines, sunglasses, beaches, long nights, tall drinks, relaxation, and if you’re lucky a summer vacation or two. It’s always bittersweet nearing the end of all the summer fun, however, I will say I was doing the happy dance yesterday as my kids skipped off to their first day of school. As my kids continue to grow … so do the markets.


07  /  23  /  2021


FOMO (the Fear Of Missing Out) dominated the housing market leading up to the 2006 housing bubble and subsequent crash. At that time, the housing supply more than kept up with demand as many homeowners put their homes on the market, new home builders were building products at an epic pace, and inventory was plentiful as evidenced by the seven months plus supply of existing housing inventory that was available for sale in 2006. Today, the existing housing inventory number barely covers two months of supply.