11  /  12  /  2021


My Mom is the ultimate boss and taught me everything I know about entertaining and how to make guests feel special in our home. She was Pinterest before the internet existed and her design inspiration for all things related to entertaining family and friends is unparalleled. We are already knee-deep in Thanksgiving tablescape and menu planning and I am getting so excited as the holiday season approaches for all the exciting events ahead. As we ease into the final months of 2021 the federal funds rate will stay steady

at near zero, however, the Federal Reserve’s Open Market Committee (FOMC) took the

first big step last week to taper its pandemic-related asset-buying program.


10  /  29  /  2021


Time has felt very different for me these last 19 months; at times I felt like I

was moving through molasses and at other moments I blink and months have passed by.  This year we saw the acceleration of many trends, a mini-revolution of sorts, and the beginning of the modern-day Roaring Twenties. It fueled people to make big changes and decisions they had been thinking about for years. Today the DOW is up around 25% in one year and

the S&P 500 is up over 28% adding some

$10 trillion in market capitalization, while home prices are 12% above trend

nationally, adding another $4 trillion to household wealth. 


10  /  01  /  2021


We are in a time of great transition; professionally, personally, and globally...I see it everywhere I go and with all those I see. October has arrived and this year's autumn season is highlighted not only by pumpkin-inspired food and drinks, however, a transition in the financial and real estate markets as well. How do we start building the arks that will deliver success as we move forward into 2022 with the hint of mortgage rates increasing and inflation concerns swirling? The consensus among the industry’s forecast models is that we’re headed for slower, albeit still positive, growth.