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"There is one certainty about investing.  Cash always loses value over time.  It has done so for thousands of years." - Ron Barron

A million dollars invested at 2% per year will be worth over $1.8 million in 30 years.  However, $1 million sitting in cash, subject to 2% annual inflation will have a value of around $400,000 after 30 years.  In the hailstorm of realities, we have all been experiencing over these past several months, here we are, learning unexpected lessons and being reminded daily of the importance of how to pivot on demand. Freddie Mac 30-year average mortgage rate set another new low this week coming in at 2.81%. Jim Simons, the founder of Renaissance Technology, has quietly acquired over 230,000 shares of Apple. 

Warren Buffett has gobbled up over $91 billion worth Apple stock—that means Buffett is now betting over 40% of his portfolio on Apple. (Montley Fool).  There is a lot in motion right now; we are paying attention.

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